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Looking for the best place and products in the city? Look no further! We provide the best of the best so that you don’t have to deal with the headache.

Before I found this website, I was spending over an hour waiting to be called into the dispensary. The first dispensary I went to on the list was Nature Med and was in and out within 20 minutes! Now that’s service.

Bradley Howard- St. Louis, MO

Going to a dispensary shouldn’t be an all-day thing, but it should also feel personable. Does the dispensary you go to have low wait times? Do the budtenders make you feel welcomed and are knowledgeable about the products? If not, it’s time to go elsewhere and we have the places for you to visit!

Finding a great and reliable brand has been extremely difficult. I’ve wasted so much money on products that didn’t work on all. My friend told me about this site and I was finally able to find a product that helps with my arthritis! CBD Wellness is definitely the best brand by far!

Cindy Andrews- St. Louis, MO

We strive to provide patients the best brands in the city so that they are purchasing effective products for their health and wellness needs. How do we decide which brands are the best? We take in account the votes submitted by patients as well as personal reviews from our team. We also look at the brands longevity and price point they have for their products.