CBD Wellness

Formulated and licensed with Nature Med Dispensaries. Established in 2010, CBD Wellness has become America’s #1 CBD brand with its highly effective line of products. Winning countless awards and recognitions, it’s no wonder why this has become patient’s go to products for all their health and wellness needs. From tinctures to topicals, bath & beauty products, vapes and CBD flower, this brand has everything you could need!

Coco Concentrates

This brand offers a variety of different concentrates and extracts providing various ways for MMJ patients to medicate. Not sure what type of concentrate is your favorite? Not to worry! Using high quality flower for extraction, each type of concentrate will provide you the desired effects!

Good Day Farm

Good Day Farm is bringing that good weed! With their potent and various strains, their products will get you in the right headspace! If flower isn’t enough for you, no worries, they also make vape cartidges for the on-the-go smoker using their “Good” flower.

Zen Cannabis

Whether you eat edibles to uplift your mood, aid you with sleep or just want to get high, this brand offers delicious treats to make you feel that way. Choose from their gummies or their drinks depending on what you want and whatever you choose, it’ll be a great experience!